A sanctuary for nature

SeaScape was designed for the nature lover in us. Residents often describe it as a 500-acre nature preserve. Even the presence of homes is subtle: they’re designed to blend in and become part of the environment.

Conservation easements allow residents to walk and hike a 10-mile private network of stunning nature trails and boardwalks, winding through lush wooded areas of mature live oaks and long leaf pines. Natural tidal marshes and creeks throughout the community complement the experience with wildlife sightings that delight you at every turn.

Bird lovers will enjoy painted buntings, owls, herons, ibis, bald eagles and hummingbirds, to name just a few. Our marina is visited by dolphins, otters and manatees. The forests are home to deer, fox, turkeys and black fox squirrels.

Peaceful. Private. Pristine. Enjoy the misty morning air as you stroll though the quiet forest and hear the surf on Holden Beach. You realize, this is a nature-lover’s dream.

Flora and Fawns

10 Miles of Trails

A Who’s HOO of Birds