A neighborhood of friends

Newcomers are always surprised by the warm welcome they receive and by how friendly our residents are. We are neighbors. We are friends. Most times, we just feel like family.

We invite you to discover SeaScape at Holden Plantation and see for yourself why we are one of the best kept coastal living secrets in North Carolina. Learn first hand why our wonderful community is regarded as a “hidden gem” among all developments in Brunswick County and beyond.

For further details about how to best visit us, we encourage you to contact your local realtor. Realtors are most knowledgeable about how to schedule tours and arrange a visit to our unique community. Additional resources you may find helpful:

Brunswick County
Association of Realtors

Brunswick County
Chamber of Commerce
4848 Main Street, Shallotte, NC
(910) 754-6644
Look for the guide: “Community-
Relocating to Brunswick County”

North Carolina
Association of Realtors

Look for “Finding your realtor”