To: SeaScape Property Owners

Community Reminder: Trespassing on Private Property

 This is written in regard to a complaint received from the owner of a lot within SeaScape regarding a trespassing issue. The owner was particularly distressed that others had been using their property without permission.

The owner did not open an official complaint nor stated a plan for legal action at this time. However, the POA Board reminds property owners to respect the right of privacy that is entitled to each of our property owners.

Certainly, each of us realizes that undeveloped and partly developed lots are private property and should not be entered without the owner’s permission.  However, sometimes the attraction of seeing a new house that is under construction, a quick walk on a private pier, or making a convenient path for a walk or dog walk, is overwhelming. Trespassing is not the “right” thing to do out of respect to others; and, it certainly is not legal.

Thank you for everyone’s cooperation with this issue.

 Submitted by Gary Coleman, President, SeaScape POA Board