Dear Owners:

The Executive Board and Management is committed to applying the community standards consistently. The governing documents provide that all yard art and decorations must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. The placement of any such item in an area which is not visible from any street is certainly permitted.  As Management becomes aware of such items, we will be contacting the Owners directly to let them know that the item(s) must either be approved by the Architectural Control Committee or relocated to an area not visible from any street.  This effort is not intended to be punitive, but rather is an effort to honor the intent of the governing documents and to be consistent in the application of the requirement for all Owners.  We understand that many items may have been in place for a period of time; however, any items that have not been approved by the ACC should be removed.  Any concerns regarding your situation can be addressed directly with an Executive Board member.  Otherwise, in advance I appreciate your kind cooperation.

In addition, please pay particular attention to the condition of your mailbox as some are in need of repairs and/or painting.  Also, please ensure that your mailbox displays the approved numbers.  They are available for purchase at The Sign Shoppe.  The business is located on Highway 17 near Brunswick Electric.  Their address is 782 Ocean Highway West, and the phone number is 910-754-5144.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Heather H. Bath

Director of Association Management

Association Management of the Carolinas, LLC