The POA Board is in the process of completing an inventory of the Boat/RV Storage Yard.  Based on the current demand and limited spaces available, the inventory will be used to assist in the development of a storage yard management plan.


Your cooperation in bringing the items currently stored in the yard into compliance with the existing rules is greatly appreciated.  Please read below:


1 – All boats and jet skis must be registered with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.  A current registration sticker must be displayed on the vessel.

2 – All boat, storage, and utility trailers and all RVs must have a license plate with a CURRENT registration sticker (or a multi-year plate on the trailer).

3 – All items stored in the yard must have a SeaScape Registration Sticker, which can be obtained through the management office.

4 – ONLY one space may be used by each property owner regardless of the number of lots owned.  If you are currently utilizing more than one space, please remove one of your items.

5 – All items stored in the yard must be operational and in good working order and appearance.  No loose items may be stored in the yard including, but not limited to, bimini tops, rowboats against fence, and miscellaneous equipment.  If you have any items stored in the yard that do not meet the requirements, please remove from the yard IMMEDIATELY.

6 – Parking along the fence to the right of the entrance gate is prohibited.


Heather H. Bath, Community Manager